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Envirocleanse-A is EPA-approved for food processing applications, and listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute for organic use. In restaurants, spray down your equipment or disinfect your tables and counters with ECA. It cleans with the same efficacy as bleach and does not corrode or damage your equipment or serving areas. Eliminate the use of harmful chemicals when disinfecting your kitchen or serving areas because Envirocleanse-A is gentle enough to use around kids and pets and requires no personal protection equipment like gloves, masks, or goggles. Envirocleanse-A will not affect food quality, is non-flammable and has no storage concerns, no fragrances are added, and is safe for use on all hard surfaces. APPLICATIONS INCLUDE: Disinfecting for food processing applications, plastic, and non-porous cutting boards, sinks Disinfecting countertops and tables where bleach would erode Eliminates food odors from hard, non-porous surfaces Sanitizing and cleaning of food contact surfaces Disinfecting eating and cooking utensils Disinfecting beer and wine lines Kills odor-causing bacteria Disinfecting ice machines