No Harsh Chemicals

Envirocleanse-A has certification from the Organic Materials Review Institute

No PPE Required

No personal protection equipment is required when using Envirocleanse-A

Safe on All Surfaces

Safe for use on all hard surfaces, including wood and granite

A Superior HOCL

Envirocleanse-A is a broad-spectrum, liquid disinfectant that contains no bleach and no harsh chemicals.

Envirocleanse-A is a broad-spectrum, liquid disinfectant that contains no bleach, no harsh chemicals, is gentle enough to use around kids and pets, and is safe for use on all hard surfaces. Our electrochemical activation takes brine water, sends it through Envirocleanse’s specialty-designed production units, and adds electricity. This reaction causes the saltwater to separate into an anolyte solution and a catholyte solution.

  • 100X stronger than bleach
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • EPA Approved
  • FDA Supported
  • Health Canada Approved
  • Made in America 🇺🇸
  • Safely kills:
    ✅ Covid-19
    ✅ Staph
    ✅ E. coli
    ✅ C-Diff
    ✅ Salmonella
    ✅ And many more in minutes

Covering 7 Vertical Markets


• Hospitals
• Medical Centers
• Private Clinics
• Mobile Clinics
• Doctors Offices
• Dental offices
• Senior Homes

Water Treatment

• Water Treatment Facilities
• Water Tanks
• Aquaculture
• Agriculture (Drinking Water for: Poultry


• Schools & Daycares
• Commercial Buildings
• Universities
• Shopping Centers & Grocery Stores
• Gas Stations & Car Dealers
• Theme Parks


• Ear Treatment
• Eyelid Treatment against Bacillus Oleronius, Staphylococcus aureus bacteria that live on the eyelids),
• Cut Treatment

Food Service Industry

• Restaurants
• Fast Casual
• Nightclubs
• Professional Sporting Facilities/ Teams
• Public Recreation


• Face Cleansers to combat: (Acne, Cysts, Clogged Pores )
• Scar Tissue Repair
• Combats Skin Inflammation (Eczema, Psoriasis)

Oil & Gas

• Alternative to hazardous biocides
• Decreases costs
• Maintains product effectiveness
• Reduces environmental impact


EPA Approved , FDA Supported & Health Canada Certified to kill COVID-19 in 60 Seconds.


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