Our Mission

At Envirocleanse our mission is to provide a superior next-generation disinfectant for commercial and industrial use that is highly effective, non-toxic, and sustainable. Our technology enables us to consistently create a powerful and environmentally friendly infection and bacteria fighter that is PH neutral, non-corrosive and has a 12 month shelf life.

Our History

The discovery of hypochlorous acid dates back to the 1800s. While it was initially used to kill sulfate reducing bacteria in oil wells, it has proven to be highly effective in many arenas. Its uses in the medical field began during World War I and II in treating injuries and chemical burns.Since then, HOCl has been used in healthcare for wound cleaning and redressing, usually via topical application. It’s used in agriculture and farming to control microbial populations via the irrigation system. It’s even used to sanitize drinking water in the poultry industry resulting in healthier birds. It’s used in seniors care facilities to protect patrons and workers against MRSA, C.Diff, Staph and many more smart bugs. It’s used in schools to kill Covid-19 and in cafeteria and restaurant food prep areas to stop the spread of E-Coli and Salmonella.

HOCl has been used to disinfect drinking water and has so many more practical uses. Yet stability has always been an issue, meaning that the shelf life of HOCL combined with low acidity and a neutral PH remained a challenge making the commercialization of this premier sanitizer impossible, until Dr. Phil Bellan in 2007  discovered a process that overcame each of these obstacles. Through his efforts the market now has the optimal bacterial disinfectant


HOCL is effective because of the hypochlorous acid present in the solution. Hypochlorous acid (HOCL, branded as Envirocleanse-A or ECA) is naturally produced by the human body to fight microbes. Hypochlorous acid is also the prime disinfectant ingredient in chlorine-based disinfectants, like bleach. However, bleach can have harmful side effects. HOCL extracted only the microbe destroying agent in chlorine-based disinfectants, as it is naturally produced in the human body. ECA is effective at destroying microbes and is harmless to humans and warm-blooded animals.


The disadvantage for both sodium hypochlorite and calcium hypochlorite is the need to transfer dangerous chemicals to the point of use or POU. In addition, calcium hypochlorite supports combustion and is a fire hazard.
At Envirocleanse we can produce hypochlorous acid inexpensively and transport our product safely to the POU.

There are no transport restrictions, no fire hazards, and we are completely biodegradable. Please refer to our SDS sheet under certifications for further details.